Technology of beauty


The blend of environment, human ingenuity, nature's works, tradition, culture, architecture, lifestyle and customs that makes a land, its people and its products unique.

A Fincantieri yacht can only be built in Italy. Italy inspires us through our surroundings, infusing each and every yacht we build with the magic of beauty, hallmarked by skilful craftsmanship that reaches new heights, touching the peaks of style and refinement. Fincantieri Yachts is the epitome of the most exclusive Made in Italy excellence.

It is the unrepeatable combination of unique and outstandingly original details built to last and to impress. People who love the exceptional want to fill their lives with it, as an enduring symbol and an essential example to astound cognoscenti and laymen alike.
We make this happen through our deep understanding of what absolute beauty means and of how to suffuse each detail with incomparable luxury.

This expertise is inherently rooted in our Italian heritage and our mastery of the most advanced technologies in all areas, enabling owners to create their own lifestyle of exclusive onboard luxury and to maintain value over time. Value that can be passed on from generation to generation.

That is why each of our yachts is a new, majestic and inimitable Italian opera, inspired by absolute beauty, performed by ultra-high technology.


“If you can dream it, we can make it come true for you”. This is what we tell our customers. Our history of technological, engineering and construction excellence, combined with our Group’s financial strength, allow us to transform a simple pencil stroke, an idea, into a product that is unique in design and technology, a brand new reality of superlative, peerless quality.

We regard ourselves as dream makers. That is what we are.

Daniele Fanara
Senior Vice President Newbuilding Mega Yacht


First, there was MY Serene; then came MY Ocean Victory. These two full-custom mega yachts are among the 15 largest yachts ever built anywhere in the world.

We designed and constructed them by uniting the distinctive elements of yachting and mining the finest expertise that our company and the entire market has to offer.

We conceive a mega yacht as the ultimate fusion of technology and precision, innovation and rigorous quality, a quest for aesthetic perfection and absolute luxury. We invest in research and innovation to bring our clients the value of tradition and the very latest technology, in a virtuous circle that represents the true value that we add for all our clients. Our yachts and our concepts are based on meticulous development and a systematic process. These are structures suffused with the advanced technology that is key to creating a unique lifestyle and to making products of incomparable beauty that transcend mere aesthetics.

Our range starts with units of 70+m and has no upper limit.

We can create whatever you want. We invest a great deal in designing and building your mega yacht: our passion, our attentiveness to your desires, our solidity and our leading position in the naval construction world. Values you can rely on.

Mauro Parodi
Vice President Sales


Industrial organization

Fincantieri is an experienced industrial organization, highly specialized in managing large, complex projects. By industrializing many phases of a yacht's construction, we allow our craftspeople to focus on the areas where their special skills make the most impact. Fincantieri can design, build and deliver some of the largest ships in the world on time to the owners' total satisfaction. The project management methods and discipline ensure effective project planning and the coordination of thousands of people.

Ultra tech Know how

Fincantieri's technological expertise combines the synergy of design, technology and construction skills and over two centuries' shipbuilding experience. It also entails extensive knowledge of regulations to ensure innovative solutions for both owners and their teams.

Dedicated Shipyards

Fincantieri Yachts works from two dedicated shipyards: the Muggiano-Riva Trigoso Integrated Shipyard, specialized in construction, repairs and conversions of yachts from over 70m up to over 200m, and Arsenale Triestino San Marco (Trieste), focused on repairs and conversions.

Strong financial power

Through Fincantieri's financial muscle, we can invest in whatever it takes to produce mega yachts of any size on time, on cost and on quality, supporting the Working Capital for the required multi-year construction.

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