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Our reputation precedes us: the Fincantieri brand, synonymous with high-end pleasure cruising, luxury and style combined with technical skills, extends deeply into Superyachts. We own a great wealth of experience which we are offering to Superyacht owners through our complete and excellent service solutions. Two dedicated Fincantieri yards, one located at Muggiano (La Spezia - Fincantieri Yachts Design Centre and Headquarters), and the other at Arsenale Triestino San Marco in Trieste (Special Projects Yard), supplemented by the resources of other expert divisions within the company, provide services which encompass a full range of interventions required on Superyachts.

Fincantieri is able to meet customer requirements and can guarantee high quality services with contained delivery schedules. Technical expertise and established production and technological capabilities ensure that we are able to deliver from the most complex conversion/upgrade project to technical support and assistance for maintenance and repair programmes. We can meet and exceed your expectations: our organisation brings together a formidable team of specialist personnel and sub-contractors, coordinated by dedicated professional managers who manage the relationship with the owners, captains and crew thus providing a satisfactory and complete experience from project inception to completion.


Muggiano - La Spezia

The Muggiano Shipyard is located in the North Tyrrhenian Sea on an area of 150,000 square metres with over 60,000 square metres covered. The yard employs 800 people with all of the facilities necessary to repair and convert very large yachts. The shipyard is provided with one floating dock of 246.4m x 38m which is equipped with 2 x 12 ton cranes and with a full range of facilities including fresh water, technical services, refrigeration, fire water, cranes, workshops and other essential support services. Yachts in the drydock can be covered for the requirements of coating super finishes as well as protection for all external works.

The covering system also provides access to all external areas of the boat and essential temperature and humidity control, which is important to maintain the standard of work throughout the project. These facilities have been further enhanced with a new high-tech hangar (170m x 35m x 35m high) with computerised, non-polluting systems to control temperature, humidity and air quality for yachts up to 165 metres.

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ATSM - Arsenale Triestino San Marco is a historic Italian shipyard located in the North Adriatic Sea, which has been developed into a modern facility with the resources and skilled personnel required for the execution of special and complex projects. The ATSM yard consists of two graving drydocks; one large dock of 295m x 56m and another drydock normally used for Superyacht Projects, of 206m x 29m. For any size of yacht in the drydock, the yard normally installs a temporary covering which fully provides for the requirements of coating super finishes as well as protection during all external works.

This covering system has been utilized during several projects and, apart from providing full protection from the elements, the internal scaffolding structure also provides access to all external areas of the boat. Essential control over temperature and humidity is also maintained to ensure the perfect environment for high quality work on the boat throughout the project.

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