We can please even the most demanding owners

Industry, technology, facilities, strength. These are the four pillars that make us the leading actors for large-yacht production.
Fincantieri is an experienced industrial organization, highly specialized in managing large complex projects. This enables the industrialization of many phases of a yacht’s construction, allowing craftsmen to focus on those areas where their special skills are vital.
Fincantieri can, therefore, design, build and deliver some of the largest ships in the world on time to the owners’ total satisfaction. Our project management methods and discipline ensure effective project planning and the coordination of thousands of people.

Fincantieri’s technological know-how benefits from the synergy of design, technological and construction skills and the experience of over two centuries in building naval vessels and merchant ships. It also entails extensive knowledge of regulations to ensure innovative solutions for both owners and their teams.
Fincantieri offers a wide range of facilities for large vessels in its 21 shipyards all over the world where the company can build any size of vessels, although the Muggiano shipyard is the most appropriate for the construction of yachts over 170 metres.
All of this is guaranteed by a firmly built financial background. Fincantieri’s financial strength allows investments in whatever is necessary to achieve each goal.


where fincantieri's excellence sets to work

In the first place, we are in Italy. Being surrounded by beauty and a history of exceptional creative art inspires, with every glance, the creation of beautiful things.
Fincantieri Yachts’ base at the Muggiano shipyard is such a unique environment that overlooks the Gulf of La Spezia, at the border between Liguria and Tuscany.

Liguria, with its fantastic coastline, quaint villages and special cuisine, is the land of olive groves. Lerici, Porto Venere, Le Cinque Terre and Portofino are spectacular sites, and Genoa was the most important of the Maritime Republics and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Bordering on Liguria is Tuscany, the region of art par excellence with the timeless and enchanting cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa.
Established in 1883, this shipyard has delivered 100 submarines and 300 other vessels, including sailing vessels, cruise liners, fast ferries, frigates, high-performance research vessels, the new aircraft carrier Cavour (flagship of the Italian Navy) and the famous Destriero, which embodies Fincantieri’s unique ability to focus on one man’s dream: the conquest of the Blue Riband.

Stretching over 150,000 square metres with over 60,000 square metres of indoor space, the Muggiano shipyard has obtained the ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP110 certifications. It employs 800 people within all its facilities required to build very large yachts in indoor areas.

These facilities have been enhanced with a new high-tech hangar (170 metres long, 35 metres wide and 35 metres high) with computerized, non-polluting systems to control temperature, humidity and air quality for yachts over 170 metres. Further extensions of the shipyards’ capacity include additional new offices for the owners’ team.

Not surprisingly, Muggiano is a high-security military zone but is also at the core of the world’s largest network of sub-contractors specialized in mega yachts. Naval vessels and submarines have in common with mega yachts a binding high standard of performance along with the ultimate solutions in terms of noise and vibration targets. It was natural then for Fincantieri to select its most advanced naval shipyard in Muggiano.

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