Yachts our natural evolution to perfection


Our yachts are products of outstanding quality. It’s the final result of a special synergy of advanced technical, design and construction capabilities, perfected over more than two centuries of experience building all types of oceangoing vessels.

We infuse into every yacht the passion for quality and a keen eye for detail, stemming from the experience of generations of skilled engineers, craftsmen and leaders that are the Fincantieri team.
They operate together in sophisticated yards like Muggiano supported by the world’s finest yachting subcontractors. Vessels are designed and constructed with precision under the watchful eye of skilled project managers.
Fincantieri leads the world in the construction of complex high-tech/high-value vessels. It’s the only company in the world able to industrialise many phases of the yacht production process, focusing artisans on those very special areas where only perfection is acceptable.

The result is improved cost management and improved production time. That’s why Fincantieri Yachts means also greater value and expeditious delivery at a fair price, taking advantage from the substance and financial reliability of a major company.

Fincantieri Yachts combines the best design and production techniques with managerial expertise and then places them at disposal of discerning owners who seek excellence.
A heritage of experience ensures an open and proactive interaction with owners and their teams in the context of their respective roles while, above all, maintaining an atmosphere that is pleasant, flawless and rewarding.

This is what we call Italian Opera

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